There are millions of persons leaving abroad with significant legal interests in Italy.

Millions of Italians set their lives in a different country, achieving personal and professional recognitions. A status which comes also with a number of difficulties. Among those, the complexity of managing their interests in Italy at distance with subsequent higher costs and the risk of losing opportunities.

To bridge the difficulties related to the distance and to the lower familiarity with the Italian legal framework, we aim at an immediate, direct, human legal assistance, driven by the ideal of support that is not only material but also moral, supportive, based on authentic cordiality.

For these reasons, we provide our legal assistance throughout the national territory, through our network of trusted technicians and professionals, in order to provide immediate advice, whatever form of legal relationships they hold in the Belpaese. Above all, we intend to offer our professional services to those leaving far away with trust, clarity, understanding and competence.

With videoconferences, conference-calls, messages, e-mails and social networks we will always be reachable and close. Waiting, of course, to shake hands in person. This is why with us everyone which needs legal services in Italy will never feel alone.

About us.

The Partners of our law office are Angelo Raffaele Battista, Lawyer, formerly Senior Manager of Polizia di Stato - Italian National Police, who spent a life at the service of the people, and Pasquale D'Aiuto, attorney with more than fifteen years of work experience in the civil trial. The assessment of the legal dossiers benefits also from the support of trusted technical experts. We have a long-lasting relationship with technicians, notaries and a wide range of professionals.

Our skills.

Family law. We think of the forms of protection of the person, of the events linked to affective and family relationships such as filiation, separations, divorces, civil unions, terminations of the civil effects of marriage; the implications of a criminal nature, such as abuse in the family, violence, stalking and so on.

Possession and management of real estate. The case of seizure of real estate by third parties, caused by the inertia and / or distance of the owners, is very frequent: we can help prevent these assets from being lost and assist in their care.

Real Estate contracts. A lease, a loan with charges, a rent can make it possible to profit from properties that, otherwise, would risk perishing.

Inherences and successors. In case of a death event in Italy, we can take care of the legacy, of the drafting or interpretation of a will, of a legacy, of hereditary events in general, of divisions of assets between co-heirs.

Credit collection. The presence, in Italy, of a permanent Prosecutor can allow for the timely treatment of the recovery of the sums due, both through out-of-court acts and civil judgments, also in the so-called form. monitoring (injunctive decrees); it will also be possible to reach precepts and foreclosures, after searching for assets that can be usefully attacked.

Disputes related to civil liability. Compensation and indemnities. We are taking care of compensation or compensation for damage (material and non-material) due to negligence in the custody of roads, buildings, condominiums; naturally, also for the case of a road accident included in the circulation of vehicles (third party liability).

Contracts. We can easily, even remotely, draw up contracts and agreements as well as suggest corrective measures in the case of draft writings or for the correct continuation of mandatory relationships between individuals.

Welfare and social security issues. We handle cases of accidents at work, accompanying allowances, pensions and various types of allowances provided for by the law as well as claims for compensation due to exposure to toxic materials such as asbestos. We have the collaboration of an autonomous CAF / Patronato that operates on the premises of our studio in Salerno, so literally next door!

Italian citizenship. We can provide qualified assistance on issues relating to citizenship.

In our day to day work we provide our clients with a transparent analysis of the cases and then we agree step by step the subsequent actions to be taken with the client, establishing in advance - with the maximum possible precision and after a thorough study of the species - the fees and times. We are well available for telephone conferences and communications via e-mail, social media, WhatsApp. We remain traceable every weekday on our mobile telephone numbers; in the event of no contact, we encourage the use of messaging, including voice.

We apply the Professional Tariff in good faith, following the specific case. We cultivate immediate and less expensive solutions, both in terms of time and cost: we favor agreed solutions, especially civil mediation.

We are waiting for you!